3 Reasons Why SLOT 1 is the Next Generation of Linear Lighting

Polish, sophistication, sleek. It’s no surprise that linear lighting established itself as a Class A luminaire from its introduction to the design community.  Creating intrigue with long lines of light, linear lighting became the popular choice for architectural lighting with recessed and direct/indirect pendants.

But the journey with linear lighting doesn’t stop with its form factors. Quickly becoming the norm for commercial lighting, multiple lighting manufacturers developed additional form factors and apertures, various patterns and higher lumen packages. Then with the rise of LED light sources becoming more affordable, LED linear lighting now had a longer life, improved energy efficiency and less maintenance.

Today, linear lighting is even more versatile, with various distributions, color temperatures and controls. And while many linear lighting solutions promise to be the next best solution, SLOT 1 from Mark Architectural Lighting™ isn’t just another linear lighting solution – it’s the next generation of linear lighting. Here’s why:

  1. Outstanding visual comfort now comes in a small form factor.

Technology is enabling our lighting to become smarter, smaller and more dynamic, resulting in greater complexity. SLOT 1 features a 1.5-in. by 2.325-in. size for Direct and Indirect and a 1.5-in. x 3.125-in. size for Direct/Indirect.

While visual comfort is often sacrificed in small apertures, SLOT 1 manages brightness and mitigates glare with options including a regressed lens in recessed fixtures and a deep cell baffle to shield the user's view of the aperture to conceal the light source and reduce glare.

  1. Simpler installation and easier emergency planning compared to other linear lighting solutions.

Thoughtfully crafted linear lighting offers more control during the lighting experience. SLOT 1 contains the Modulus™ low voltage distributed power and control system which uses a single power drop for up to every 32 feet. An integrated controls bus can function with up to 16 DC/DC drivers, allowing for a more balanced approach to emergency lighting with the ability to specify all or multiple lit sections for more uniform distribution. The result? Simplified installation and easier, more flexible emergency planning.

  1. Unmatched breadth of delicate details.

Built as an extension of the existing SLOT family, SLOT 1 inspires lighting designers to make their most creative visions a reality – with a breadth of delicate details. Select from Direct Batwing, Indirect Batwing, Lambertian, Wall Graze and Wall Wash distributions. Complete your vision with pre-configured patterns, drop lenses, edge-view lenses, three standard finish options and various mounting options.

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