MARK Architectural Lighting Defines Quality of Light

September 2, 2022 Scott Bailey

MARK Architectural Lighting™ empowers designers to provide stunning designs that are humancentric, intentional, and sustainable.

MARK Architectural Lighting Defines Quality of Light

Effective lighting solutions provide the right amount of light where it is needed, while operating efficiently and protecting resources. Luminaires must operate as efficiently as possible and deliver on the design intent.    

High Quality Light is Humancentric

Humancentric lighting provides performance and task visibility. It impacts our well-being and visual comfort. It shapes our experiences and how we perceive a space. MARK Architectural Lighting delivers the technology to create welcoming and productive environments, to foster our connection with nature, and to elicit an emotional response.

High Quality Light is Intentional

Lighting professionals create designs that compliment architecture, enhance the aesthetics of a space, and provide for the safety and security of its occupants.  MARK Architectural Lighting designs lenses and optical films to precisely control distribution, placing light where necessary while minimizing energy use.  MARK meets critical performance specifications through a rigorous testing regimen as part of Acuity Brands A+ Certified program that ensures chromatic consistency across our full portfolio.

High Quality Light is Sustainable

MARK Architectural Lighting leads in the development of technology and sustainable lighting practices.  We engage industry partners to discover new ways to save energy, conserve resources, and avoid harm. 

Our products are designed to minimize raw materials, to avoid environmentally hazardous components, and to operate as efficiently as technology will allow.

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