Village Landais Alzheimer - Dax, France


The Alzheimer's Landais Village, supported by the Department of Landes at the initiative of Henri Emmanuelli, is an innovative facility for the care of people with Alzheimer's disease. It is inspired by traditional Dutch architecture and functions as a real village, within which the inhabitants enjoy a great freedom of movement. 

Why Distech Controls Technology? 

Distech Controls was able to meet the specifications of this innovative village which required the installation of equipment ensuring the sustainability of the spaces and guaranteeing simple, scalable and economical operation. In particular, the project targeted very high energy management performance, on the hygrothermal comfort of occupants as well as long-term environmental performance. 

The installation of a BMS within the village allowed 100% automated management of the building parameters (CVC, lighting, and blinds) to ensure the comfort of its occupants. Thus, the range of ECY-PTU controllers combined with the lighting extension modules and blinds, has perfectly met the projects demands. 

Distech Controls has designed a simplified, open, and scalable architecture that offers automated control of heating, cooling, lighting, and blinds within the same room. The solution allows for smarter energy control strategies that are more efficient, while guaranteeing the overall comfort of the occupants of the village. 

The maintenance and operation of the building is simplified for better reactivity and anticipation of problems by taking advantage of the full web mobility features of the Distech Controls management tool. The ECLYPSE (ECY-S1000) architecture combined with ENVYSION, a web interface for graphic design and visualization, allows in-depth consumption analysis, load control, custom-made operation and advanced visualization for optimal management. 

In addition, the multi-function Smart Room Control solution has been certified in accordance with the eu.bacA-level rating. A rating that promotes energy efficiency and guarantees a cost-effective system. 

Distech Controls Solutions Installed: 

  • 116 x ECY-PTU Connected Controllers for Terminal Units 
  • 116 x  ECx-Light 1-10V Lighting Extension Modules 
  • 116 x ECx-Blind-4-WD Blind Extension Modules
  • 18 x HORYZON-C Touchscreens 
  • 18 x ECLYPSE Connected System Controllers (ECY-S1000)


  • Owner: Département des Landes 
  • Installer: Engie Solutions 
  • General Enterprise: Daudigeos SAS
  • Design Office: Energéco 
  • Architect: North Architects Copenhagen  
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Village Landais Alzheimer - Dax, France
Village Landais Alzheimer - Dax, France

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