CNP Assurances HQ, Issy-les-Moulineaux (France)

Issy Cœur de Ville is an eco-neighbourhood in Issy-les-Moulineaux (92) comprising 45,000 m² of office space (including the headquarters of CNP Assurances), as well as 600 flats, around thirty shops and restaurants, a cinema and a school complex (also equipped by Distech Controls). This city within a city celebrates "happy density", according to architect Denis Valode, emphasising "social, generational and functional diversity". The green spaces (7,000 m² urban forest) and energy from renewable sources (73%) make this a model eco-neighbourhood in the Paris region, which is often criticised for its unsustainable lifestyle.

Why the Distech Controls solution?

Within this eco-neighbourhood, a complex of 3 office buildings has been built covering more than 45,000 m², including the headquarters of CNP Assurances. Numerous meetings took place between Distech Controls and

CNP Assurances, establishing an easy dialogue and facilitating decision-making. This close relationship with our client, together with its strong involvement in the project, enabled us to move forward with complete confidence, rapidly confirming our needs and proposing an entirely customised solution.

Like its neighbourhood, this complex of buildings aims to be modern and eco-responsible. With this in mind, the Distech Controls open solution makes it possible to implement a customised energy control strategy: consume less, more intelligently, while guaranteeing the comfort of occupants.

In practice, the BOS (Building Operating System) deployed in the building communicates natively and free of charge with the Distech Controls equipment to manage comfort (lighting, blinds, and heating). This installation makes the building's operation even smoother, while optimising energy management.

Our customer particularly appreciated the ease of use of the solution, guaranteeing long-term operation.

This openness and flexibility does not mean that data protection is forgotten. Our ECLYPSE solution offers enhanced cybersecurity, with the option of adding customer security certificates directly to our controllers.

Products installed in the building:

  • More than 1,400 ECLYPSE connected controllers for terminal units - ECY-PTU
  • Over 900 lighting extension modules - ECx-Light
  • Over 700 blind extension modules - ECx-Blind
  • Over 1,900 multi-sensors - EC-Multi-Sensor-BLE
  • CO2 and humidity sensors
  • ECLYPSE connected controllers for HVAC equipment - ECY-303
  • ECLYPSE connected modular controllers - ECY-S1000

Stakeholders :

  • Customer : CNP Assurances
  • Developer: Alterea-Cogedim
  • General contractor: Bouygues CPI
  • Design office: Egis and Setec
  • Project management: Kardham
  • CFA/CFO and HVAC contractor: Bouygues ES
  • Integrator : Energimotique

About CNP Assurances

With operations in 19 countries worldwide, the CNP Assurances group is a leading player in the insurance sector, with more than 6,500 employees and net income of €1,939m in 2022 (IFRS 4). A subsidiary of La Banque Postale, CNP Assurances is a member of the major public finance group.

In France, CNP Assurances is No. 1 in mortgage loan insurance, No. 2 in life insurance and, in 2023, will integrate the property insurance activities of La Banque Postale, making it a complete insurer of property and people. It is the 5th largest insurer in Europe, particularly in Italy, which is now its second largest market after France. In Brazil, the Group's strong growth has put it in 3rd place.

In line with its multi-partner model, its solutions are distributed through long-term strategic partnerships or through an "open" model. In total, more than 32 million people worldwide are insured by CNP Assurances for personal protection and 14 million for savings and pensions. As a responsible insurer and investor (€400 billion invested in all sectors of the economy), CNP Assurances acts in accordance with its raison d'être to promote an inclusive and sustainable society, providing solutions to protect and facilitate the lives of as many people as possible.

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