Caisse d'Epargne BFC Head Office, Dijon (France)

With a surface area of 9,500 square metres, a length of seventy metres and a height of twenty-two metres, the building is impressive. The only one of its kind in France, the future head office of the Caisse d'Epargne de Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, "Le Valmy" in Dijon, will house four hundred employees spread over the six floors of this modern, ergonomic building, in line with the bank's CSR policy.

Its purpose is to facilitate collaborative working and cross-functional services by promoting the adaptability of the establishment's own organisations. In addition, the boldness of its designers lies in the harmonious use of wood, which offers significant thermal and energy benefits.

Why the Distech Controls solution?

The specifications for this new establishment included the implementation of an open and modular solution. The full BACnet/IP ECLYPSE level B-BC solution from Distech Controls therefore attracted the attention of all those involved.

Thanks to our unified ECLYPSE solution (HVAC management, blinds and lighting), the building has a dual native BACnet/IP and RESTful API. This means that the site can be upgraded without any technical constraints in terms of BMS architecture, as well as being able to add services to the occupant later.

As part of their eco-responsible approach, the Caisse d'Epargne wanted a unified solution that would help them implement an energy control strategy: consume less, more intelligently, while guaranteeing the comfort of the office building's occupants. This has now been achieved with the Smart Room Control solution from Distech Controls.

This promise is illustrated by the Allure Uniwave remote controls from Distech Controls, installed in the building. These connected objects, which are lighter than a smartphone, enable occupants to manage their comfort settings from their desk: lighting, temperature, blinds, etc.

Solutions installed in the building :

  • Nearly 200 ECLYPSE connected controllers for terminal units - ECY-PTU-208
  • ECLYPSE connected controllers for terminal units - ECY-PTU-207
  • More than 270 lighting extension modules - ECx-Light-4DALI
  • Nearly 200 blind extension modules - ECx-Blind-4
  • Nearly 300 multi-sensors - EC-Multi-Sensor-BLE
  • 200 occupant remote controls - Allure Uniwave B
  • Connected modular controllers - ECY-S1000
  • ECLYPSE connected controllers for HVAC equipment - ECY-303
  • Space Dynamix partitioning software

Stakeholders :

  • Systems integrator: SYS&COM
  • Installer: INEO - EQUANS
  • Design office: B27
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