Tour Alto, La Défense (France)

The Alto Tower is instantly recognizable with its distinctive flared shape - the floor area at the foot of the tower is 700 m², increasing to 1,500 m² at the top. This gives it a smaller footprint in a very dense area of Paris: the La Défense business district. This 37-story tower, unique not only in shape but also in its cladding of glass scales, offers 51,000 m2 of fully modular and scalable floor area.

Why Distech Controls technology?

In response to the rigorous specifications, the Distech Controls multi-activity Ethernet IP Smart Room Control solution was chosen for unified management of HVAC, lighting, and blinds.

The essential elements forming a high-quality BMS have all been brought together here: an installation that optimizes energy performance by using a modular solution able to adapt to future developments of the building, based on technical architecture and entirely created in BACnet/IP with BTL BBC certification.

The ECLYPSETM BACnet/IP connected controllers installed in the Alto Tower incorporate a documented API to allow access to controller data and native interaction with other services for the building without a hardware or software gateway.

The unique nature of this multi-activity solution originates in the automation of the rooms, based on control strategies using optimization of lighting, natural heating, and presence detection.

In addition to automation, the building occupants also fully benefit from a comfortable environment with complete control at their fingertips, by means of the Allure UNITOUCH user interface.

The Smart Room Control solution is compliant with the applicable standards: the Alto Tower will stand as a benchmark for optimization of energy efficiency, aiming to obtain HQE® Exceptional and Breeam® Excellent certifications*. In terms of connectivity, the Alto Tower has received Wirescore certification. 

To make life easier for people working in the building, a mobile app has been developed by Iviflo, one of our Symbioz partners. This app is designed to control the working environment from a smartphone: the lighting, air conditioning, blinds, room booking, incident reporting and guidance using the EC-Multi-Sensor-BLE multi-sensors. These unique services provide enhancement of the daily user experience, but they also bring additional value to the real estate asset represented by a premium tower located in La Défense.

This app is designed to help with the marketing of the floors to tenants. It works to highlight the tower connectivity and services, providing genuine added value.

There are multiple links between the Distech Controls solutions and this app. The RESTful API Web Service provides the ability to communicate with the office ECLYPSE controllers to control HVAC, blinds, and lighting. The beacons present in the EC-Multi-Sensor-BLEs are also used to perform the internal geolocation function within the building, by means of a smartphone. This geolocation function allows for easy navigation within the tower. At the same time, the app can retrieve presence detection data from the EC-Multi-Sensor-BLEs, in order to find out the real-time availability of meeting rooms, among other items.

Solutions fitted in the building:

  • 1367 connected ECLYPSE controllers for terminal units – ECY-TU-203
  • 944 ECx-Blind expansion modules for controlling blinds
  • 1519 ECx-Light expansion modules for controlling lighting
  • 2480 EC-Multi-Sensor-BLE Bluetooth multi-sensors
  • Allure UNITOUCH user touchscreen interfaces


  • Integrators: Energimotique (Smart Room Control) and Asterm (Mini AHU for floor)
  • Project management: Artelia
  • Project owner: SCI White Tower
  • General contractor: Bouygues CPI
  • Real-estate developer: Linkcity
  • Symbioz partners: Pole Star, Visioglobe and Iviflo
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