Shepaug Valley School- Agriscience Academy Addition - Washington, CT

Shepaug Valley School, a part of the Regional School District 12, has added the Agriscience Academy to their grounds. This program focuses on learning about agriculture along with a STEM focus.

Why Distech Controls technology?

The main focus of this project was designing a 21st-century building. This is one of 20 Agricultural Science and Technology Education programs in the state, and Region 12 wanted to make sure it was one of the best. Along with the Agriscience Academy, the school is renovating labs, adding a greenhouse, an agricultural mechanics facility, and animal facilities.

CTC’s project contained 4 boilers, along with several versions of different rooftop units including constant volume, variable air volume, and dedicated outside air units. We installed VAV boxes with hot water reheats, lab hood controls, kitchen hood controls, hot water radiation, electric radiation, and lighting controls.

Distech Controls’ Solution allowed CTC to deliver a state-of-the-art facility that District 12 envisioned for the Agriscience Academy. Distech Controls’ products utilize energy recovery technology allowing the Shepaug Valley School to maximize energy savings. The products installed also monitor and regulate airflow. This will help improve air quality, providing the students with a healthy and safe school environment.

Distech Controls Solutions Installed: 

  • 2 EC-BOS8 Network Managers

BACnet programmable controller

  • CDIB-103X-00
  • CDIB-450X-00

BACnet programmable controller LCD Display

  • CDIB-203X-00
  • CDIB-253X-00
  • CDIB-350X-00
  • CDIB-650X-00

BACnet Air Terminal VAV Controller



We are very satisfied with the selection of the Distech Controls that were used.

Working so well together with CTC during the initial project lead to a continuing relationship beyond the completion of the initial project. We recently have worked together to add Distech controls to our older boiler systems located in (3) other of our District schools. We intend on continuing to include additional controls projects in our future budgets knowing that there are savings to be had to cover their initial costs.

The controls were intended to provide us with the opportunity to integrate various pieces of equipment from HVAC to lighting in our recent AG Project additions. They perform as desired to allow us to manipulate the equipment operating times, temperatures and run equipment only when necessary therefore saving energy and ultimately district funds which can now be redirected in other important areas of the district.

The area where it surpassed our expectations is in the ease and ability to add more and more of the District's older existing building equipment and systems to the Distech controls systems allowing for additional savings beyond just our AG Project additions.

Once one gets used to using the controls they are easily manipulated to allow for making quick changes to complicated systems. As we learn more of what we can add to our controls and our needs continue to evolve, we are getting more adept at using them, while the savings continue to add up.


  • Building Owner/Manager: Donald O’Leary – Facility Director
  • System Integrator: Connecticut Temperature Controls                               


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