Snowleader HQ, Annecy, France

Snowleader is an outdoor sports brand based in Haute-Savoie. True to its origins, the company set up its main offices near Annecy in September 2021. The new headquarters is open to the natural landscape and close to the mountains, in tune with the brand’s DNA. 

Why Distech Controls technology?

In keeping with its eco-responsible approach, Snowleader wanted a multi-functional solution. This meant that we could implement an energy control strategy: lower and smarter energy consumption that still guarantees comfort for the occupants.

The client therefore wanted a state-of-the-art BMS to make the building substantially more comfortable for the users. And thanks to the ECLYPSE solution, this has now been achieved. As an illustration of how comfort has been improved, we can take the highly concrete example of the UNIWAVE remote controls. Using these remote controls, which communicate directly with the ECLYPSE controllers, the occupants can access and control their comfort settings from their workstations: lighting, blinds, ventilation, etc.

There are also numerous benefits in terms of operation and maintenance. Thanks to the multi-functional ECLYPSE solution (managing HVAC, blinds and lighting) and the ECLYPSE solution for managing equipment rooms, the building has a dual native BACnet/IP and RESTful API protocol. This makes it possible to envisage scaling up the site without technical constraints on the BMS architecture, with easy control using the Space Dynamix partition software but also the opportunity to add new occupant services at some future date.

Solutions fitted in the building:

  • 120 connected ECLYPSE controllers for ECY-PTU-207 terminal units
  • 120 EC-Multi-Sensor-BLE multi-sensors
  • 73 ECx-Light-4DALI lighting expansion modules
  • 42 ECx-Blind-4 blind expansion modules
  • 49 Allure UNIWAVE remote controls for occupants
  • 1 ECLYPSE ECY-S1000 connected modular controller
  • EC-Net 4 Supervisor software
  • Space Dynamix partition software


  • Installer: META2E
  • Project management: LBF Ingénierie
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