Meriden Public Schools – Meriden, Connecticut

Meriden Public Schools buildings include 8 Elementary Schools, 3 Middle Schools, and 2 High Schools. The schools deliver education to about 8,600 students within the city of Meriden Connecticut. 

Why Distech Controls technology?

CTC has taken Meriden BOE building automation control systems through several versions from Pneumatic Controls to Direct Digital Control Systems (DDC) to future-proofing their buildings; using Distech Controls for continued Energy Efficiency, which has a direct correlation to reduced energy costs.  Using Distech Controls we can build a DDC optimization plan that reduces equipment run times, makes improvements to the chilled water temperature reset, and has volume control for pumps and fans. Distech also allows for optimizing ventilation rates regarding demand control ventilation and/or Covid-19 ventilation strategies (CDC recommended air changes per hour) to maintain a healthy environment. We can control lighting and optimize Zone Temperature set points in occupied spaces and setback setpoints when unoccupied, while also optimizing outdoor supply air temperature.  Distech Controls has allowed us to connect the Meriden Board of Education to their intelligent buildings and that makes for better health, better spaces, and better efficiencies.


“Building strong relationships here at Meriden Public Schools is an important aspect in everything we do. Partnering with CTC for our building automation has been mutually beneficial to both parties.”

David Paul

Solutions fitted in the building:

21 ECB-650                

1 ECB-600                   

1 ECB-453                   

14 ECB-450                

1 ECB-300                   

14 ECB-350                

24 ECB-253                

44 ECB-203                

137 ECB-103              

16 ECx-400                 

3 ECx-420                   

4 EC-BOS-8 with US WiFi

7 EC-BOS-7 AX         

2 EC-BOS-6 AX         


37 ECY-TU-203 (IMP)                

22 ECY-303 (IMP)   

1 ECY-S1000               

2 ECY-PS24                                     

4 ECY-8UI6UO          

1 ECY-4UI4UO          

1 EC-Net Supervisor 10             


Building Owner/Manager: David J Paul           

System Integrator: Connecticut Temperature Controls        

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