21 Marquette, Toulouse, France

21 Marquette is an 11,330 m² office building in Toulouse, along the Canal du Midi.

Why Distech Controls technology?

The initial request was to equip the building with a LON bus setup; no IP solution was expected. However, the end customer was drawn to Distech Controls’ ECLYPSE BACnet/IP solution, in large part thanks to the flexibility and scalability it offered. In fact, the BACnet/IP protocol is an innovative communication solution across all multi-functional terminals.

When the building was delivered in 2018, it included a Smart Building solution with fan-coil unit and DALI lighting management, with the first EC-Multi-Sensor-ML infrared multi-sensors. Soon after, those needs changed: the client wanted to offer occupants the simplest way to control the environmental comfort of meeting rooms. It was easy to adapt the solution by adding Allure UNIWAVE Bluetooth wall-mounted remote controls paired with the latest generation of Bluetooth multi-sensors and providing a free mobile app for customizing comfort settings throughout an entire wing of a building: meeting rooms, coworking spaces, dining areas, etc.

Other noteworthy advantages of the ECLYPSE BACnet/IP solution for this project include the short system integration time and easy implementation. In fact, the XpressNetwork Companion app makes it possible to log in to the ECLYPSE controllers remotely to easily configure HVAC system settings and quickly view each controller’s status.

Additionally, this project was in line with various energy and environmental certifications:

  • All connected ECLYPSE controllers for terminal units (ECY-PTU) enjoy eu.bac certification (with CA < 0.1).
  • The building was selected as one of the first projects for the new R2S benchmark. Initially earning 1-star R2S certification (2018), it is now 2-star R2S 4GRID certified (2020), thanks to the upgrades to the solution installed.

Solutions fitted in the building:

  • 500 connected ECLYPSE controllers for ECY-PTU-207 terminal units
  • 11 connected modular ECLYPSE – ECY-S1000 controllers + 63 ECY-I/O + ECY-RS485 + ECY-Mbus modules
  • 550 EC-Multi-Sensor-ML infrared multi-sensors
  • 50 EC-Multi-Sensor-BLE Bluetooth multi-sensors
  • 200 EC-Remote remote controls for occupants
  • 20 Allure Uniwave remote controls for occupants
  • 280 ECx-Light-4DALI lighting expansion modules
  • Mobile app for remote access to facilities: my Personify (occupant) – myDC Control (facility manager)
  • EC-Net 4 Supervisor software – 50,000 points


  • BMS and Smart Building system integrator: NEIS
  • HVAC management system integrator: ACS2i
  • HVAC installer: Tunzini
  • Project management: BARBANEL
  • Real-estate developer and owner: COVIVIO
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