Orange HQ, Paris, France

In 2019, Orange undertook the renovation of its headquarters in Paris (the Alleray 2 building), located in the 15th arrondissement.

Why Distech Controls technology?

The purpose of this large-scale project was to modernize the existing BMS, in order to make the system durable and consistent with the Alleray 1 building.

In order to achieve this, the entire system of obsolete HVAC controllers, blinds, lighting and multi-sensors was replaced by the Distech Controls open solution, which will make it easier to upgrade the building in the future. In the same process of future-proofing systems, the existing LON bus was replaced by a full BACnet/IP bus from Distech Controls.

A concrete example of the added value brought to this project by the Distech Controls solution: it now allows optimization of the operation of heat and cold production. The pumps stop completely at night, run at a reduced level when site activity is lower and adapt to the external temperature.

The whole building is therefore programmed for a good level of energy efficiency, with predefined settings. Use of infrared multi-sensors allows Orange Alleray 2 to adapt to different uses of the building and to its environment. The benefits are clear: less energy is consumed, and it is used more intelligently, while ensuring that comfort is maintained for the building’s occupants.

The key words for this project are energy efficiency, openness and durability; this is why Distech Controls was selected almost exclusively for this project.

This renovation has resulted in energy savings of 36%, in turn allowing Distech Controls, with our partner PGE Ingénierie, to win the IFPEB Cube 1st prize (French Climate energy-saving competition).

Distech Controls Solutions Installed:

  • 305 connected ECLYPSE controllers for ECY-PTU terminal units
  • 106 ECx-Light 1-10V lighting expansion modules
  • 77 ECx-Blind-4-WD blind expansion modules
  • 140 EC-Multi-Sensor infrared multi-sensors
  • 10 ECY-S1000 connected modular ECLYPSE controllers


  • Integrator: PGE Ingénierie
  • Project management: Eneor
  • Real-estate developer and investor: Orange Immobilier
  • Maintenance: Engie
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