SensorSwitch™ SPODMRA Series

March 14, 2022

Now Available: SPODMRA On/Off Switch

The SensorSwitch™ sPODMRA Series offers a push-button dimming switch with multi-way (3-way) control, this cost-effective solution allows you to control fixtures from up to 9 different locations in a room.

The new sPODMRA On/Off Switch is now available and offers a convenient replacement for standard toggle switches. While dimming is not available with the On/Off switch, it is compatible with other multi-way (3-way) dimming switches controlling all on/off lighting loads on the multi-way bus. 

Stylish and functional, the sPODMRA Series blends in seamlessly in both commercial and residential applications. A screwless wall plate is included with the wall switch device and is available in six different color options. Sealed wall plates can be purchased separately.


Key Features:

  • Multi-Way Control: connect up to 9 devices with neutral wiring or up to 2 devices without neutral wiring spaced up to 250 feet apart
  • Aesthetic Appeal: screwless wall plate available in six different color finishes: WH, IV, GY, AL, BK RD
  • Compatible with the SSW Series of sealed wall plates (must be purchased separately)
  • Finger-touch control
  • Dimming option available within sPODMRA Series (compatible with 0-10V dimming)

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Contact:  Dennis Hoskins | SensorSwitch Senior Product Market Manager | 

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