Hartsfield LED Updates

January 18, 2019 Tom Pierce

Important Updates to the Hartsfield LED from AEL

Not only is the Hartsfield LED (HTFL Series) now listed on the DLC QPL, but it has also recently received some important new updates and improvements.


What's New with the HTFL?

  • New uplight shield options… “DR” reflector for Types III and V distributions
  • Single tool-less wingnut fastener on the door… while retaining IP65 rating
  • Improved wiring harness… making it easier to close the door without pinching wires
  • Unit assembled (globe and electrical housing)… for better transportation efficiency
  • New tether to secure power door… this means simpler and safer installation and maintenance


Updated Brochure

In addition to all the new product updates, we have also updated the HTFL brochure to include all these exciting new enhancements. The new brochure is now available for download on the AEL web site and will be available to order in print on 1/31/19.

Why Choose the HTFL?

Remember, the virtually maintenance-free Hartsfield LED is the best economical choice to replace up to 150-watt HPS post-top luminaires. With highly efficient LEDs to provide exceptional illumination, it also reduces energy and maintenance costs. With a completely new cast aluminum housing and two sizes of acorn globes, the HTFL Series provides up to 9,000 lumens in four distributions.

HTFL also offers "best-in-class" 20kV/10kA surge protection options, 100,000 hour rated system life, field-adjustable lumen output and multiple color temperatures from 2700K to 5000K. Add to that a robust, durable cast aluminum platform with utility-friendly features and you have a hands-down winner for utility and municipal roadway lighting.

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