LED Lighting Systems for Military/Governmental Facilities

November 5, 2021

LED Lighting Systems for Military/Governmental Facilities

Energy-efficient LED lighting and controls systems, when used in the interior and exterior areas of military/governmental facilities, can assist in energy cost savings and create reliable and aesthetically appealing environments that can grow with the needs of the organization.

Acuity Brands offers integrated LED and control systems that meet the needs of just about every building-type, across a variety of applications and tasks. Our products and solutions can be utilized in retrofit and new construction projects. Some of the benefits of an upgraded system include:

  • Reduced energy consumption: New LED fixtures typically reduce energy consumption, 40 to 65 percent over legacy light sources.
  • Lower maintenance costs for the lighting system: LEDs have a long life, often yielding over ten years of performance.
  • Near real-time lighting system outage mitigation: High-quality, reliable lighting as well as real-time reporting and diagnostics allow facilities and building managers to work alongside IT and security departments. Know when and where a luminaire is down to quickly re-establish the security perimeter in near real-time.

To learn more about our offerings, click here to read a featured case study reference of a US military base for global applications as featured in the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) magazine, The Military Engineer.

Monik Mehra, LC, M. SAME - Director, Global Specification and Sales








Acuity Brands Lighting, Inc. 

Contact Monik Mehra for more information about using Acuity Brands Lighting in global military/governmental projects. 

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