Get Prepared to Convert to the New!

April 19, 2018

Beginning on Monday, May 21, 2018, the new EU2L Emergency Light, ECC Combo and ERE Remotes will be ready to order from stock

Below are some highlights of the new products:

  • Some of the smallest form factors available on the market today

  • Small, unobtrusive lamp heads, lower overall profiles and improved day-form aesthetics

  • Luminaire spacing performance remains equivalent to the existing EU2 LED, ECR/ECG and ELA LED

  • New EU2L is compliant to the new maximum wattage consumption requirements of California Energy Commission Title 20 for Small Battery Chargers – Section 1605.3(W)(4) for battery back-up and uninterruptible power suppliers

  • Pricing for the new products will be the same as the current products

On Monday, June 4, 2018, we will begin auto-converting the “Current” products to the “New” products.

The “Current” versions will remain available as non-stock items, with a 5-day manufacturing lead-time, at higher price points.

  • If you want to continue to receive the “Current” style products, then you will need to add an “OS” to the description (for example: EU2 LED OS M12) to signify your desire to receive today’s “Current version” of this product

  • Otherwise we will auto-convert beginning on June 4, 2018.

    Below is a conversion chart from current to new.

These new products will be stocked in our distribution centers to match the current products and locations

  • Specification Sheets for New Products  EU2L | ECC | ERE

  • Black and special voltage versions, as well as the remote capable versions, of the EU2L will be added to the spec sheets when they are available for shipment--currently planned for July.


Please contact us below with any questions or concerns.

Phone: 1-800-334-8694





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