What Are the Fuses on the IOTA DLS For?

December 11, 2023 Matt Pang

IOTA DLS Battery Chargers and Power Converters feature Reverse Polarity
 on the output of the unit. What is Reverse Polarity Protection? This feature is an internal circuit that ensures that the device is not damaged if the power supply polarity is reversed. It provides protection against incorrect hookup to the battery and not to the AC input side of the circuitry.

What is the purpose of fuses on the IOTA DLS?

The fuse protects the DLS from overloading on the DC side. The rating of the number of fuses on the DLS depends on the model. If the fuses are blown, verify proper battery installation before replacing the fuses. If a fuse needs to be replaced, always replace it with the same rating and type of fuse, whereas some DLS models require only one fuse. 

The fuses are standard blade-type fuses that can be purchased at any automotive store. 

If a battery or the DLS is hooked up incorrectly, the fuses will blow but can be easily replaced. To change the fuses, use a screwdriver to loosen the screws and remove the fuses. After inserting the new fuses, tighten the screws firmly. Note: DLS-15 and DLS-30 Models require only one fuse. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.

Reverse Polarity Protection is a standard feature on all IOTA DLS battery chargers and power converters.

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