nLight® Adaptive Phase Dimmers

January 16, 2024

nLight® Adaptive Phase Dimmers

nLight Adaptive Phase Control Dimmers (PCD) simplify lighting control application, design, and installation. Available for nLight wired and wireless applications, the PCD is built to support multiple loads from low to high amperage. The PCD also controls various phase control dimming types and provides options for aiding in UL 924 compliance.

Wired Product Page: nPP PCD                        Wireless Product Page: rPP PCD

The nSP5 Family and PCDM products from nLight are being discontinued due to the popularity of the Adaptive Phase Control Dimmers. 

The nSP5 PCD products will be discontinued as of February 28, 2024, or while supplies last. The nSP5 2P and PCDM products are being discontinued effective immediately. After components have been exhausted, the replacement product is the new Adaptive Phase Dimmers (nPP PCD or rPP PCD).

Please see additional details and key service dates for the discontinued products below. 

The following products/families are being phased out: 

Product Series 

Model Names 

Current Action 

Recommended Alternate 


nSP5 PCD 2W 

nSP5 PCD 3W* 


nSP5 PCD ELV 120 

End of new sales effective 2/28/2024 


*No alternate for 3W variant 

nSP5 2P 

nSP5 2P LVR 

nSP5 2P LFT 

End of new sales effective immediately 

No alternate available 



End of new sales effective immediately 


Warranty for the discontinued products: We will maintain small product volumes for an extended duration to support warranty claims through our standard 5-year warranty period.  For any field replacements under warranty, please submit the appropriate warranty claim and contact Acuity for assistance. 

Who to Contact: If you have any questions, please contact your local representative

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