New! IOTA's ISCG Connected STAR Gateway

February 14, 2024 Matt Pang

Did you know the Life Safety Code NFPA 101 testing and reporting requirements for emergency lighting include testing for 30 seconds every 30 days, testing for 90 minutes once a year, along with record keeping for reporting to the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ)?

Acuity Brands' Emergency Lighting solutions enabled with Self Testing Automated Reporting (STAR) revolutionize emergency lighting by providing automatic testing and reporting. Exit signs, emergency units, and luminaires equipped with IOTA Emergency Drivers enabled with STAR conduct monthly and annual tests, logging results within the devices themselves and wirelessly communicating the test data for recording and reference. 

As part of the emergency lighting solution with Self Testing Automated Reporting (STAR), the ISCG Connected STAR Gateway by IOTA® enables the deployment of Connected STAR. The Connected STAR Gateway wirelessly receives data from exit signs, emergency unit equipment, and luminaires enabled with STAR and stores and makes the monthly and annual automated test results available via email, web-browser or API to aid in life safety compliance.

IOTA's Connected STAR Gateway Key Features:

  • Wireless Data Reception: Acting as a central hub, the ISCG Connected STAR Gateway wirelessly collects data from devices enabled with STAR. Exit signs, emergency units, and luminaires communicate their health and performance information to this gateway.

  • Automated Test Results: Say goodbye to manual record-keeping. The ISCG Gateway securely stores monthly and annual test results. Facility managers can access this critical data via email, web browsers, or APIs.

  • Device Management Made Easy: The gateway includes an embedded web-based interface for effortless device management. Whether it’s checking test results or configuring settings, facility managers have a streamlined process at their fingertips.

  • Enhanced Security: Security is a top priority. The ISCG Connected STAR Gateway offers toggleable HTTP or HTTPS connections, complies with FIPS 140-2, Level 1 standards, and supports Single Sign-On (SSO) and Radius Server capabilities.

  • Scalability: Each Connected STAR Gateway supports up to 500 STAR-enabled devices. Need more capacity? Additional gateways can be seamlessly connected to support a maximum of 20,000 devices.

  • Plug-and-Play Convenience: No complex connectivity plans are required. The ISCG Connected STAR Gateway comes with a Bluetooth® communication adapter and is housed in a NEMA Type 1 Plenum-Rated Enclosure with a surface mount screw cover.

The ISCG Connected STAR Gateway is perfect for larger facilities with multiple devices and represents a leap forward in emergency lighting technology. With seamless data management, enhanced security, and scalability, it empowers facility managers to focus on safety and compliance.

You can learn more about Self-Testing Automated Reporting (STAR) products and technology:

View the Acuity Brands STAR Web Page

To learn more about the IOTA ISCG Connected Gateway for STAR and to view the specification sheet, visit our product page below:

ISCG Connected STAR Gateway

For more information on these or other IOTA emergency lighting solutions, visit or contact us at

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