Enhance Energy Savings with IOTA ETS Devices

March 28, 2024 Matt Pang

As we celebrate Earth Day, it’s important to highlight the role of innovative technologies in promoting energy efficiency and sustainability. One such innovation is the IOTA ETS DR Emergency Lighting Control Device which allows facilities to eliminate unnecessary energy usage without compromising Life Safety requirements. 

How does it do this? The IOTA ETS DR allows local switching and/or 0-10V dimming control of designated emergency luminaires when emergency power is provided by a generator or inverter. A typical generator or inverter would require connection to an unswitched circuit to avoid interruption to emergency power but results in 'Always-On' or 24/7 night lights within the facility. The ETS-DR senses the loss of normal AC power and bypasses the local switch settings of the luminaire, allowing emergency power directly to the fixture regardless of switch position. This not only helps ensure safety during power outages but also removes the unnecessary power consumption created by these always-on fixtures.

In addition to the ETS-DR, IOTA also offers the ETS-20 Emergency Lighting Control Device.  Like the ETS-DR, the ETS-20 senses the loss of normal AC power and bypasses local control but for an entire designated circuit, eliminating multiple Always On fixtures with the use of a single device!

We invite you discover more about how IOTA ETS solutions can create responsible spaces both for occupants and our planet by viewing these insightful resources:

Or see all of our IOTA ETS Solutions here:

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