The Power of IOTA Three-Phase Inverters

July 14, 2023 Daren Hatfield

IOTA IIS3P Three-Phase Inverters are the ultimate emergency lighting power supply solution for extensive facility and electrical applications. By delivering three-phase emergency power, the IIS3P Series can deliver increased auxiliary power beyond the reach of standard single-phase inverter options.

Capabilities of three-phase emergency power include:

  • The ability to service designated circuits up to 50kVA
  • Meeting voltage requirements up to 480VAC
  • Fast transfer speeds of only 2 milliseconds
  • Ability to transmit 3x the power while keeping overall wiring size and costs lower.
  • Better load balancing and minimized harmonic currents

In addition, IOTA offers three-phase model options for the following applications

  • Standard three-phase models
  • IISCN3P Canada three-phase models for 30/60/120 minute runtimes
  • OSHPD certified models for seismic requirements
  • Exterior three-phase models with NEMA-rated enclosures.

Explore all of our IOTA Three-Phase Inverter Models Here!


Our IOTA IIS Three-Phase and Single-Phase Inverters have a dedicated quotes and service team to help you select and quote the right inverter for your application. Contact us at

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