New Quick Start Guide for FieldSET Field-Programmable Drivers!

July 28, 2023 Daren Hatfield

Programming Field-Replaceable Drivers in Three Easy Steps!

The new Quick Start Programming Reference is now available for FieldSETTM Field-Programmable Drivers from eldoLED. This Quick Start Guide provides straightforward instructions for replacing failed 0-10V LED drivers with FieldSET Field-Programmable Drivers that match your fixture's performance characteristics.

The Quick Start Guide explains the steps for:

  • Identifying the needed programming settings
  • Entering the Information into the FieldSET LED Driver Programmer
  • Programming your selected FieldSET Replacement Driver

You can download the FieldSET Quick Start Programming Guide here or find it on any of our FieldSET product pages under Technical Documents.

For detailed programming instructions, always refer to our complete FieldSET Programming Guide

Would you like more information on FieldSET Field-Programmable Drivers from eldoLED? Visit or contact Mike Boynton at

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