Cortez™ and Desoto™ Emergency Remote Upgrades

August 23, 2021 Haley Mitchell

We are excited to offer our select Holophane® emergency remotes (CZQRW, CZQRE, DSL3RE AND DSL4XRE) with these new features:

Expanded Compatible DC Battery Voltage

  • 5-20VDC for LP220L versions
  • 5-20VDC for SP640L versions

Broader Temperature Range

  • CZQRW to continue to operate at 40°F to 131°F (-40°C to 55°C) for outdoor environments 
  • CZQRE now available at -22°F to 104°F (-30°C to 40°C) across all lumen packages 
  • DSL3RE and DSL4XRE now available to operate at 40°F to 131°F (-40°C to 55°C) (SP640L only) or -22°F to 104°F (-30°C to 40°C) (SP1100L/SP2200L) 


Additionally, as mentioned previously this year, we have discontinued the ELA L0309 LED Remote heads. Since this post, we have discontinued many skus and below are the remotes that are still available! 

*222XLU - ELA QM B L0309 M12

*222XLY - ELA QM B T L0309 M12

*222XLE - ELA QM T L0309 M12

Additionally, we made the decision to keep the “SD – Self Diagnostics” versions of the remotes to operate with the QM LED HO SD Combo: 

*222XLW - ELA QM B L0309 SD M12

*222XM1 - ELA QM B T L0309 SD M12


Please see attached sku crossover and detailed specification differences of the products 

Helpful Info

CZQRW Spec Sheet

CZQRE Spec Sheet

DSL3RE Spec Sheet

DSL4XRE Spec Sheet

New Remote Application Guide

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