New and Improved Credit Memo Visibility on ADC!

April 22, 2020 Devon Wahl

New and Improved Credit Memo Visibility on Orders in ADC

With a recent ADC improvement, you will now have visibility of additional financial documents directly on the Order’s document tab in ADC. 

NEW documents you will now see on the documents tab of the order include:

  • System generated Credit Memos (for Credits resulting in a return against that order)
  • Manual Credit Memos (for freight claims, billing errors and other post sales related issues)
  • Manual Customer Invoices (for billing errors, reconsignment, overage of product, and other post sales related issues)

The Credit Memos will display as a new 4th section on the Documents Tab once you have pulled up an Order in ADC. 

The manual customer invoices will appear in the existing document category for Invoices on the Order.

Not all Credit Memos can be linked back to specific orders so you will still need to retrieve those documents on the Credit/Invoices tab or contact your local Agent to provide those documents.  Examples of these types of credits might include larger inventory adjustment credits or program rebate credits that span across many orders.

Please note that this system improvement only became effective on March 17th. This new functionality is available for US and Canada customers.

*Si usted es un agente o distribuidor en México, el crédito manual o la facturación manual se ha enviado por correo electrónico a la persona adecuada por archivo ATI.


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