Filing Freight Claims on ADC

April 10, 2024 Chris Coughlin

How to File a Freight Claim:

1: If you received items that are damaged, you will need to submit a freight claim through the Order Status tab in the ADC.

If you are missing product, please contact your local agent before submitting a freight claim. 

2: Select the "Shipments" tab and then click on the red truck icon in the top right that says "Freight Claims". 

3: All of the items from the current shipment will appear from that order in a pop-up window. You can select the product(s) effected. Once you select, a form will download. Be sure to include as much information as possible and include photos if available. You can then submit the claim directly from this screen. 

A confirmation will be sent once completed.

Feel confident in your ability to track and manage order information through ADC!

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