World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Headquarters - Stamford, Connecticut

The headquarters of World Wrestling Entertainment, based in New York, had outgrown its previous home and required a larger facility for executive suites, administrative areas, data centers, and broadcast studios. The new headquarters are 13 stories and 415,000 square feet. Albireo Energy and KODE Labs partnered with their construction and consulting firm to develop a specification and use cases for an integrated BAS and OT systems platform to improve building performance, reduce operational costs, and provide employees and guests with an engaging workplace.

Why the Distech Controls solution?

In order to meet the client's needs, Distech Controls provided the latest BAS standards and products, which were easy to integrate and deliver. Distech Controls' technology also contributed to the end of data silos by integrating all data points seamlessly into one unified system.

WWE needed to upgrade/replace their existing Siemens Apogee system with Distech, which meets the latest BAS standards. Through the use of KODE OS and GUI, the building systems, alarms, and schedules can be accessed through one cyber secure network to a single pane of glass through a unified user interface. Between the BAS and KODE OS, the following systems were integrated: 

    • Fire & Life Safety
    • Lighting 
    • Space Utilization
    • Elevator Monitoring
    • Parking Management
    • Utility Monitoring 
    • Fault Detection & Diagnostics (FDD)
    • Indoor Environmental Quality
    • Work Order (CMMS) Integration
    • Visitor Management 

Solutions installed in the building :

The Distech hardware being used on the project is:

  • EC-BOS (Jace equivalent)
  • ECY product line, ECY-S1000, ECY-STAT, ECY-PTU's, etc.

Stakeholders :

Owner: World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)
System Integrator: Albireo Energy
Digital Partner: KODE Labs


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