Two Buildings at Wellington Place – Leeds, England

The new Wellington Place development in Leeds is a flagship project for sustainable design both in terms of the way it was constructed and the comfort of occupants.

Why Distech Controls Technology?

Distech Controls was selected because of its reputation of being an innovation leader in energy management solutions, and its ECB-PTU controller flexibility to be managed remotely via an app.
These controllers are optimised for ultra-low power consumption and can be operated as stand-alone units or as part of a networked system to suit any installation requirement.

Distech Controls Solutions Installed:

Each building features a four-pipe fan coil air conditioning system that is controlled by the Distech Controls ECB-PTU Series. This is a range of microprocessor-based programmable controllers designed to control powered terminal units such as fan coil units, heat pump units, and chilled beams.
Each controller uses the BACnet® MS/TP LAN communication protocol and is BTL®-Listed as BACnet Application Specific Controllers (BASC) and WSP Certified.
ECB-PTU controllers have factory preloaded applications, which allow users to operate standard PTU equipment with a proven energy efficient sequence of operation thereby eliminating the need for programming. These controllers also support Distech Controls’ EC-gfxProgram.


“The developers have very specific ideas about how they want the buildings to be constructed and the end results for occupants. The whole installation process was easy and went smoothly, which is something that cannot be underestimated on a development the size of Wellington Place. The Distech Controls controllers give us flexibility and provide us with the opportunity to go back and add to the system as the building evolves.”
David Davenport, Managing Director at Linear Control Systems Ltd.


System Integrator:  Linear Control Systems Ltd.

Developer & Property Manager: MEPC and CBRE

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