The Maritime and Port Authority (MPA) of Singapore - Singapore

Maritime and Port Authority Objectives
Complete retrofit and upgrade meeting Singapore’s ambitious Smart Nation initiative:
“Harnessing technology to stay ahead as a global city and to improve lives and livelihoods for all.”
Distech Controls solutions installed
ECLYPSE ECY-VAV-PoE (Power Over Ethernet) VAV controllers (Qty. 143), each with
EC-Smart-Vue communicating room devise featuring integrated temperature, humidity and motion sensors. 
Key benefits
The ECLYPSE PoE VAV controllers are powered and communicate over standard Ethernet cables, delivering a seamless “IoT and Smart Systems” solution, helping MPA achieve their Smart Nation objectives, while reducing installation costs.
EC-Smart-Vue sensors provide MPA employees with energy-efficient personal control over their environment, while also allowing MPA maintenance staff to verify operating parameters by accessing the technician mode of the sensor (no need to disrupt operations by requiring access above the ceiling).

Distributor: TongFang Technovator (S.E.A.) Pte Ltd. in Singapore's-tech-imperative

Ministries (such as MPA) are encouraged to explore digital technologies beyond application development, such as artificial intelligence (which allows more personalised and anticipatory services), data analytics (which allows more evidence-based and data-driven policy making), and Internet of Things (IoT) or smart systems (which will go much further in creating a good living environment in Singapore).

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