The Field Office Building - Portland, OR

Why Distech Controls Technology?

One of the reasons for selecting Distech Controls was the technology that prepares the building for future needs. Alliant Systems was contracted to install both HVAC equipment and controls for the brand-new facility in the heart of Portland, Oregon’s Frontside District.  The $61M facility consists of two 6-story towers with a common underground parking garage spanning the entire footprint. These new buildings, built around the iconic “Dockside Saloon”, were built by Portland developer Project and Hacker architects. 

“We needed a product that matched the technology of the building, and the ECLYPSE platform was the clear choice due to its IP infrastructure”.

- Matt Hernandez, Controls manager for Alliant Systems


Distech Controls Solutions Installed:

  • ECY Series ECLYPSE Controllers

ECLYPSE IP controls managed and integrated with the buildings’ complex collection of traditional rooftop units with VAV boxes, VRF systems and gas sensing systems for the garage. 


System Integrator: Alliant Systems

Developper: Project and Hacker architects

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