Telekom Macedonia HQ, Skopje

Telekom Macedonia is one of the biggest local telephone operators. Its headquarters are located in Skopje, Northern Macedonia. This commercial building is 10 floors high and covers 12,000 sqm.

Why Distech Controls technology?

The main challenges for this retrofit project were to implement a new building automation technology to ensure maximum comfort for the occupants and to increase energy efficiency.

Distech Controls was chosen thanks to our ECLYPSE controllers, which have BACnet/IP capabilities. This characteristic enabled a very fast transfer of information between the existing BMS and the ECLYPSE controllers. Also, these controllers enabled direct access via a VPN connection.

Solutions installed in the building:

  • More than 280 ECLYPSE connected controllers for terminal units – ECY-TU-203
  • ECLYPSE modular connected controllers – ECY-S1000


  • System integrator & installer: TCS Building Automation
  • General contractor: FMS Skopje
  • CSE: Goran Velanoski
  • Building owner: Telekom Macedonia
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