Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) - Kingston, NH

Why Distech Controls Technology?

The BACnet/IP based controls system by Distech Controls provided a truly open system which was essential for campus‐wide integration to all current systems and easily accommodated the future growth of this rapidly expanding University.

The advanced technology of Distech Controls' Allure EC‐Smart‐Vue sensors was a cost‐effective solution to provide the data needed for this creative project. 

The Creative Project

Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) wanted an interactive dashboard to help drive down energy costs by educating students on the amount of energy they were consuming. While it is common to display energy consumption on a floor by floor basis through metering, the University wanted more.

They challenged the System Integrator, Control Technologies, Inc. (CTI), to find a cost-effective way to display energy usage at a granular level, by room, for all 382 residents. They wanted their students to understand how effectively they are using energy versus their peers.

This innovative solution made helping us work towards our energy and costs goals an engaging and fun activity and a real lifestyle change for our students”.

- Scott Greeb, Senior Facilities Engineer

Turning Data into an Interactive Graphical Display

Rather than install meters on a room by room basis, which would have added tremendous cost to this project, CTI was able to leverage the technology that already existed within Distech Controls' Allure EC‐Smart‐Vue sensors. The sensor has an innovative ECO‐Vue feature that graphically indicates energy consumption in real-time, putting the control of the environment of their rooms at each student’s fingertips.

CTI transformed the data from the 300 Allure EC‐Smart‐Vue sensors in the dorm rooms into an interactive graphical display by using the EC‐Net 4 Supervisor software platform and a 48” touchscreen display in the dorm’s main space.

Distech Controls Solutions Installed:


System Integrator: Control Technologies, Inc. (CTI)

Building Owner: Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU)

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