Renault Technocentre, Guyancourt, France

The Renault Technocentre is the largest Research and Development Center in Europe for all of the car brands combined. This site with eight buildings is an area where the future cars of the Renault group are designed; this site employs almost 11,000 people. The renowned architectural firm, Valode & Pistre, designed La Ruche, a building in the heart of the Technocentre.

Why Distech Controls technology?

The Distech Controls solution has been chosen to renovate the Ruche and Avancée buildings of the Technocentre (1,937,503.88 sq ft). Originally, the building was equipped with Lonworks bus, the objective of this large-scale work is to replace the technical management in Lonworks with BACnet/IP technology. The challenge is to, therefore, give a second life to the building by transforming it into a smart building. Work began at the end of 2019 and will be spread over four to five years.

For this large-scale project, Distech Controls’ ECLYPSE solution has been chosen to achieve several key objectives: improve occupant comfort while providing an open, scalable, and sustainable solution without forgetting to meet the high security and cybersecurity criteria imposed by such a research center.

Solutions installed in the building:

  • 4067 ECLYPSE Connected Terminal Units – ECY-PTU
  • 5286 lighting extension modules – ECx-Light-4DALI-WD
  • 9798 Bluetooth multi-sensors – Allure EC-Multi-Sensor-BLE
  • 1160 user interfaces – Allure UNITOUCH
  • 213 user interfaces with CO2 detector – Allure UNITOUCH CO2
  • Space Dynamix partition software (5000 terminals)


  • Integrator: EKIUM
  • Project management: CARIG
  • Investor: Renault
  • General contractor: SNEF

Want to learn more? Watch our DCTV show dedicated to this project:

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