Pau's Heating Network, France

The city of Pau has entrusted Pau Béarn Pyrénées Energies Services, a subsidiary of Engie Solutions and Banque des Territoires, with the design, development and operation of a district heating network comprising 174 substations in a grid spanning the city of Pau. Eventually, 75% of this heating network will be supplied by waste and wood.

Key figures of the project:

  • 45 km of network
  • 200 buildings connected
  • 76% of heating needs met through local and renewable energy
  • 24,000 metric ton reduction in CO2 per year
  • €60M investment with financial support from Ademe, the Regional Council of Nouvelle-Aquitaine and the European Union with the European Regional Development Fund

Why Distech Controls technology?

For this type of installation, Distech Controls offers a comprehensive substation package that is fully integrated into and compatible with the COFELY VISION management system — a Big Data monitoring application for optimizing maintenance.

The Distech Controls solution has a major advantage: local communication between the digital tool (tablet) used by the maintenance technician and the ECLYPSE controllers, all through a connected Wi-Fi antenna. This means consistent information that can be accessed quickly!

The connected ECLYPSE controller for HVAC equipment (ECY-303) was a deciding factor for the installer: a compact multi-protocol controller with integrated BACnet/IP, Modbus/IP and Modbus RS485, all connected through a 4G modem and secure VPN loop.

Solutions fitted:

174 sub-stations, equipped by Distech Controls with the following:

  • 1 connected ECLYPSE controller – ECY-303-M6 
  • 1 Wi-Fi ECLYPSE antenna
  • 2 immersion temperature sensors
  • 1 lightning arrester
  • 1 4G modem

Everything is integrated in a compact electrical cabinet installed on a skid made by our Italian partner AMARC.


  • Principal contractor: ENGIE Solutions – Pau Béarn Pyrénées énergies Services – EGIS.
  • Maintenance: ENGIE Solutions – Pau Béarn Pyrénées Energies Services
  • Project management: EGIS
  • Installation: multiple local subcontractors: Inter Energies, Poumirau, SLTE Sasu, IMDC, Equans Inéo.
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