North Shore Health Hub - St Leonard’s, NSW Australia

The North Shore Health Hub is a mixed-use medical facility owned by the Dexus Healthcare Property Fund. Located immediately adjacent to the Royal North Shore Hospital and the North Shore Private Hospital, the Hub connects to Ramsay Health Care’s Day surgery via a bridge link, allowing the integration of healthcare services across the two facilities.

Offering 16,000 square meters, the building will be occupied by a diverse mix of health care providers including a day surgery facility, medical center, medical imaging, pathology, cancer treatment, and medical consulting.

Why Distech Controls technology?

An open protocol BACnet IP system based on the Niagara 4 platform was required.  Distech Controls EC-Net 4 software was chosen as the integration platform due to its ease of setup and use by the end user.

The centralized BMCS monitors and controls key air conditioning parameters throughout the building such as car park CO gas levels, temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels within the tenanted spaces. The building’s Chilled and Heating water central HVAC plant is automatically adjusted to efficiently match the cooling/heating demand within the building, to ensure that tenant comfort and energy efficiency are managed hand-in-hand.

The HVAC plant is time-scheduled around building occupancy requirements, to deliver further energy efficiencies by reducing the run time of the equipment. The Building Management Control System underpins the billing of tenants for their individual Chilled and Heating water in addition to electrical energy usage.

ControlWorks worked with Austral Airconditioning to engineer and install a Distech Controls Niagara 4 web-based BMCS graphical user interface and iSMA I/O controllers, to collate tenant Chilled Water and Heating Water energy throughout the building.

The system provides chilled, hot and condenser water to tenants throughout the North Shore Health Hub, with an energy monitoring solution that allows for tenant billing according to their water and electrical energy consumption. This data is collated and supplied to Dexus, so it can accurately bill tenants for their usage.

Distech Controls’ flexible Niagara N4 Supervisor and Graphics system provide a web-based, graphical user interface. This allows monitoring and control via a web browser running on any computer connected to the Dexus IT network.


  • Owner: Dexus Healthcare Property Fund
  • System Integrator: ControlWorks
  • Design Engineer: DSA Consulting Engineers
  • Architect: Billard Leece Partnership (BLP)
  • Builder: Roberts & Co
  • Mechanical Contractor: Austral Air


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