Melbourne University - Melbourne, Australia

This new high-tech building, located in the Western Precinct of the University of Melbourne, promotes the development and research of biotechnology. The tenants are the University’s Bio21 Institute (, cutting-edge biology research facilities. Bio21 draws together Victoria’s leading universities, research institutes, hospitals, and industry to capitalize on the state’s world-class research and development capabilities.

This high-tech building required a high-tech and very efficient building automation system (BAS) to control the building’s complete HVAC operation. Air handling units, chillers, hot water plant, fan coil units, VAV boxes, fume cupboard exhausts, and atrium ventilation would be just some of the components controlled and monitored through the BAS. The new BAS had to be accessible via a front-end computer and remotely via the University Intranet.

Why Distech Controls technology?

Distech Controls products conformed and operate to the project’s requirements. The system provides excellent comfort to building occupants. Air quality and conditions can be maintained at optimum comfort levels throughout the facility’s labs, offices, atrium, theatre, and conference rooms.

The University will be able to monitor its system with the new HMI computer supplied as part of the project, and additionally via the existing HMI computer connected to the University Intranet. Finally, the University will benefit from great HVAC system performance and good control of energy costs.

Solution fitted in the building:

LONMARK Certified Free Programmable Controllers


“Distech Controls products provided us with the flexibility and capabilities needed to meet this project’s requirements. With these high-quality products, we are confident our customer will be satisfied.”

Chris Harris - Datacom Australia


System Integrator:  Datacom Australia

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