Lebanese University North Campus – Tripoli, Lebanon

The Lebanese University North Campus (LUNC) in the city of Tripoli is an ongoing project designed to be the main public higher educational hub in Northern Lebanon. The project is consisting of multiple faculties with central facilities like a central library, sports complex, and landscaped areas.

The latest commissioned buildings were the Faculty of Sciences and Pumping Station utility buildings, where Distech Controls solutions have been installed.

Why Distech Controls Technology?

Distech-Controls was nominated for this project due to the openness of the system through the EC-Net platform and its ability to interconnect the existing and future buildings with other vendors' solutions along with the wide range of controller selection and solutions.

Distech Controls Solutions Installed:

256 ECB and various ECL controllers along with 4 EC-BOS6 to control and monitor the complete HVAC system, lighting, power, and water systems with approximately 4500 physical points and over 1500 integration points through Modbus, BACnet/IP, and LON (Backup generators, UPS, metering, reverse osmosis system, pumping sets, fire systems, alarms, chillers, boilers and more).


  • System Integrator:  ITG / Syspro
  • Client: Council For Development And Reconstruction – Lebanese Government
  • Distributor: PC Dealnet
  • Contractor : Joseph Maalouf Est. / Binaa & Iamar JV
  • Consultant :  LACECO  
  • MEP Contractor:  Climate Technology 
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