Le Connecteur, Biarritz (France)

Le Connecteur is an 8300 m² co-working site, located in the heart of Biarritz, built on the initiative of Crédit Agricole Pyrénées Gascogne. It offers 411 workstations, spaced out in the elegant work areas, providing a mix of private offices, open spaces and meeting rooms.

Why Distech Controls technology?

The requirements for this co-working space were highly specific, aiming to combine energy efficiency with comfort. Among other things, the space needed to be separated into different work zones. This has now been achieved using the EC-Multi-Sensor-BLE multi-sensors, bringing together a motion sensor, a light sensor and a temperature sensor.

For optimal working comfort, the requirements are met by the lighting control solution from Distech Controls. Regardless of how bright it is outside, the light level is adjusted automatically to maintain a comfortable level of 300 lux whenever the space is occupied.

The application developed by Witco (formerly MonBuilding), a partner of Symbioz, also plays a key role in improving user comfort, including provision of room booking, parking management and energy usage information.


                              App overview                                Temperature control from the app

Solutions fitted in the building:

  • 160 connected ECLYPSE controllers for terminal units - ECY-PTU
  • 170 EC-Multi-Sensor-BLE multi-sensors
  • 115 Allure UNITOUCH user interfaces
  • 80 ECx-Light lighting expansion modules
  • 110 ECx-Blind expansion modules
  • 8 connected modular ECY-S1000 controllers
  • SDK by Witco, a digital services company (formerly MonBuilding)


  • System integrator: BOBION & JOANIN
  • Project management: Bio Fluides Concept
  • End customer: Crédit Agricole Pyrénées Gascogne
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Le Connecteur, Biarritz
Le Connecteur, Biarritz

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