Land Forces Head Quarters – Ministry of Defense - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The new Land Forces Headquarters Building houses installations and facilities featuring the latest technologies related to building systems. Distech Controls has greatly contributed to creating this technology inside the giant building with all facilities and installations totaling 45,000 input/output points.

Why Distech Controls Technology?

The open system and the advanced BMS functions provided all the requirements for the integration into this project. The easy-to-use web-based graphical user interface enabled staff to view the system from any connected PC at any time. This allowed the facilities staff to operate the HVAC equipment on an ongoing basis and facilitated multi-site integration, through a unified, centralized EC-NetAX building management system. The system also provided dynamic and historical trend logging of all integration and control points, thereby enabling quick and efficient diagnostics of any issues.

The Distech Controls solution was also selected because of its flexibility, reliable products, and user-friendly programs along with the excellent support provided by management as well as the technical team.


  • Fire Alarm – IP-BACNet
  • VFDs & Chillers – IP-MODBus

Distech Controls Solutions Installed:

256 ECB and various ECL controllers along with 4 EC-BOS6 to control and monitor the complete HVAC system, lighting, power, and water systems with approximately 4500 physical points and over 1500 integration points through Modbus, BACnet/IP, and LON (Backup generators, UPS, metering, reverse osmosis system, pumping sets, fire systems, alarms, chillers, boilers and more).


  • System Integrator:  Saudi Controls Ltd.
  • Client: Ministry of Defense & Aviation
  • Distributor: PC Dealnet
  • Contractor: Saudi Controls Ltd.  
  • MEP Contractor:  Saudi Controls Ltd.
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