KALY, Villeurbanne, France

KALY sits in the heart of the Villeurbanne science and technology quarter (Campus LyonTech – La Doua), just opposite the INSA school. It is ideally served by a tramway that stops at the foot of the building and there is direct access to the beltway and on to a network of freeways.

The 15,000-m²-KALY devotes 10,000 m² of its space to Dalkia’s headquarters (combining the four sites, including the regional headquarters) with 5000 m² given over to the CESI (Higher Education and Training Campus) and there is still space for a 400-seater staff restaurant.

Why Distech Controls technology?

Openness is a key concern for Dalkia, which wants to promote their headquarters as a technology showcase and living laboratory of their expertise. As such, they turned to Distech Controls because of our open, scalable solutions and the web services embedded in the ECLYPSE controllers.

Dalkia’s experts have been trained in using Distech Control products. They can use the developer portal associated with ECLYPSE products to access tools and resources to extend their building’s capacities.

Thanks to our multi-functional ECLYPSE solution (managing HVAC, blinds and lighting) and our ECLYPSE solution for managing plant rooms, the building has a dual native BACnet/IP and RESTful API protocol. This makes it possible to envisage scaling up the site without technical constraints on the building management systems architecture, but also being able to add occupant services at a later date.

Distech Controls products also provide high levels of comfort for users. Let's take the highly concrete example of the UNIWAVE remote controls. Using these remote controls, which communicate directly with the ECLYPSE controllers, the occupants can access and control their comfort settings from their workstations: lighting, blinds, ventilation, etc.

Another example of the increased user comfort that Distech Controls provide is the EC-Multi-Sensor-BLE. Barely larger than a dime, these 5-in-1 sensors send ECLYPSE controllers key information about how the room is occupied, light levels and temperature in the room and can adjust the lighting and ventilation in real time. So, we can combine comfort with energy savings.

Solutions installed in the building:

  • 573 connected ECLYPSE controllers for ECY-PTU-207 terminal units
  • 517 EC-Multi-Sensor-BLE multi-sensors
  • 297 ECx-Light-4DALI lighting expansion modules
  • 258 ECx-Blind-4 blind expansion modules
  • 159 Allure UNIWAVE remote controls for occupants
  • 2 connected modular ECY-S1000 ECLYPSE controllers
  • EC-Net 4 Supervisor software
  • Space Dynamix partition software


  • System integrator: XPERE
  • Engineering office: OPERA FLUIDES
  • Real-estate developer: SOGELYM DIXENCE
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