Junction Square - Yangon, Myanmar

Junction Square has an area of 305,000 square feet with 270 shops. There are 3 cinema halls, including a 3D theatre with a seating capacity of 80 seats. Attracting over 7.3 million shoppers annually, Junction Square presents an outstanding mall design that offers shoppers a wonderful retail experience.

The integrated building management system supports the modern shopping facility’s goals for energy efficiency and operational cost savings while maintaining high tenant satisfaction. The user-friendly and intuitive BMS allows for increased productivity of the maintenance and facility teams.

Why Distech Controls technology?

Distech Controls was chosen for the integrated BMS primarily due to the range of quality products.

The HVAC system incorporated over 1,000 hard-wired control points, using 50 LONWORKS ECP Series programmable controllers. The programmable controllers’ flexibility also allowed cost-effectively address the need for interior lighting control. 

Distech Controls Solutions Installed: 

EC-NetAX Web-based platform
LONWORKS ECP Series programmable controllers


Owner: Shwe Taung Group
Installer: Technovator International


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Junction Square – Yangon, Myanmar
Junction Square – Yangon, Myanmar

Junction Square, qui a une superficie de 305 000 pieds carrés, est doté de 270 boutiques et de trois salles...

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