Hotel Stary – Krakow, Poland

Opened in the summer of 2006, The Hotel Stary is the marvelous reincarnation of a magnificent 15th Century Merchants House, right in the heart of Old Krakow. With 53 rooms offering the very highest standards of comfort, this 5-star luxury hotel has elegant interiors evoking a modern gothic atmosphere. Precious materials, luxurious leather, subtle decorations, exotic wood, oriental carpets, natural silk, and the highest quality marble give Hotel Stary its unforgettable and unique ambiance, and its design has been recognized with first prize at the renowned Paris contest Prix Villégiature for the most beautiful hotel interior design in Europe.

Why Distech Controls technology?

Distech Controls’ solution provides complete control of the HVAC terminal units, radiators, lighting, and sunblind. Furthermore, our open solution has enabled us to integrate the new BMS with the one already installed in the hotel.

The natural ability of our EC-BOS to exchange data between devices and systems using different communication protocols has enabled us to create an optimal management system of all building installations and subsystems responsible for comfort and minimal energy consumption.

The Hotel required maximum reliability and minimum service time. The EC-NetAX supervisor perfectly answered the project’s requirement providing the possibility of remote internet access to the system allowing any necessary service actions (including controller programming and upgrading, system and network management) reducing service time and costs.

Distech Controls Solutions Installed: 

  • 11 RCL-PFC-107
  • 11 ECL-PTU-307
  • 22 ECx-Light-4
  • 2 EC-Smart-Vue
  • 25 Smart Sense
  • 3 RCx-Blind
  • 1 ECL-600
  • 3 ECL-400
  • 1 EC-BOS-640E
  • EC-NetAX Supervisor


Authorized System Integrator: Distech Controls Poland

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