Hôtel-Dieu de Montréal - Montréal, Québec

Built-in 1688 Hotel Dieu hospital has a long and significant history. It was the only French-speaking healthcare facility in Montreal for two centuries and the site of numerous ground-breaking medical procedures.

Why Distech Controls Technology?

Since the hospital is considered a critical environment, the customer needed to replace the Metasys frontend and NCU’s without any service interruptions to the activities within the hospital. The goal was to seamlessly integrate the existing Metasys controllers to a BACnet IP interface and remove the NCU’s from the site once the integration was successfully completed. The S4 Open BACnet-N2 Router was selected as it is the only product with the capability to coexist with the Metasys system during the changing of the head end system.

The customer wanted to eliminate any possibility of incurring downtime during the installation process and transfer. The building could not be out of service while the NCU’s were being removed and the new front end was being installed. Once the installation was complete, and the building operations were managing in the same way as before the project it would be considered a success.

Before the project, the hospital had 1 Metasys® Frontend, 4 NCU’s, multiple JCI controllers (DX9100’s, VMA’s, UNT’s).

Louis Simon Capistran, from Contrôles et Régulation, was impressed with the quality of support he received from The S4 Group. He commented “The support received during the project exceeded our expectations. The knowledge of the support team is amazing, and the help is quick and effective. Understanding the specific issues, we had to deal with on site and finding proper solutions is key to getting the job done efficiently and rapidly”.

Distech Controls Solutions Installed:

  • 1 x EC-Net Supervisor
  • 1 x EC-BOS
  • 1 x ECLYPSE Connected System Controller (ECY-S1000)
  • 2 x ECB-300 Series
  • 4 x ECB-400 Series
  • 4 x ECB-203 Series
  • 23 x ECB-103 Series
  • 26 x ECB-VAV Series


  • Contrôles et Régulation CBE Inc.
  • The S4 Group


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