Gecina HQ, Paris, France

Located in a prestigious business district between the Paris Opera and Madeleine, Le Volney is an office building with 11,760 m² of floor space, refurbished in 2018. This building is home to the head office of Gecina, a well-known Parisian real-estate investment company.

Why Distech Controls technology?

The objective for this project was to replace the whole of the HVAC terminal and blind control system, whilst implementing communication with HELVAR lighting under the DALI protocol.

The Distech Controls solution was chosen for its unified response to this requirement. Some ECLYPSE connected controllers were installed to control the convector fans; the ECx-Blind expansion modules provide control of the blinds in the area; a HELVAR gateway (over IP) allows for management of lights, using DALI. The whole thing is controlled by the users, using our HORYZON-C10 capacitive screens installed in each office area. The meeting rooms are controlled similarly, except for the user interface. Allure UNITOUCH user interfaces with built-in CO2 sensors are used to control systems guaranteeing the well-being of the building occupants, by providing regular automatic air renewal. Finally, ECY-S1000 connected modular controllers are used to control the building production system.

The RESTful API communication from the ECLYPSE range is used for two-way communication between ECY-PTU controllers and the HELVAR gateway over IP, centralizing ballasts and multi-sensors.

Solutions fitted in the building:

  • 298 ECLYPSE connected controllers for ECY-PTU terminal units
  • 61 ECx-Blind expansion modules for blinds
  • 37 Allure UNITOUCH user interfaces
  • 13 HORYZON-C multi-touch capacitive display screens with IP connectivity
  • 10 ECY-S1000 ECLYPSE connected modular controllers with 24 modules


  • Integrator: GTC ONE
  • Fitter: Engie Solutions
  • Owner and investor: Gecina
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