E-Commerce Fulfillment Center - Greater Kanto Region, Japan

With multiple sites, the owner of this E-Commerce Fulfillment center wanted to establish multiple "delivery stations" around the Tokyo region that would serve as package pickup points for last-mile couriers.

The delivery centers are slated to open by the end of the year in Tokyo and nearby Saitama, Kanagawa, and Chiba prefectures.

Why the Distech Controls solution?

The specification requires that the BMS be a non-proprietary, open platform system based on the Tridium-Niagara N4 platform. The Distech Controls solution offerings fit the requirements perfectly.

In addition, the open system allows products from various suppliers to be integrated into a unified system providing the customer with flexibility for expansion, maintenance, and service of the system.

Distech Controls' partner in Japan, Network Corporation has proven their expertise in project management and implementation and led to the subsequent win for the expansion phase of the project.

Solutions installed in the building:

ECY-S1000 controllers: 14

EC-BOS8 controllers: 6


End-User: E-commerce company from the US.

Name of System Integrator:  Network Corporation

Master System Integrator: CBRE ESI

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