Bpost sorting centre, Brussels

With a sorting area of 70,000 m² on land equivalent to 14 football fields, the new postal sorting center, called Brussels X, is by far the largest sorting center in Belgium, and the second largest in Europe.

Why Distech Controls technology?

The Distech Controls solution was chosen for this large-scale construction, thanks to several notable advantages.

First of all, the customer was attracted by the ease of operation, thanks to the supervision of the ECLYPSE controllers provided by the ENVYSION interface. In addition, the HORYZON-C screens include the ENVYSION embedded web interface, enabling the site manager to easily monitor the building’s operations via customizable parameters.

Operation is all the easier since Distech Controls products are scalable. Indeed, the solution in place is modular and the communication protocol is in BACnet/IP BBC. This openness and flexibility will facilitate any additional work.

Finally, a significant advantage is the absence of an operating license for maintenance. This gives the customer freedom and saves money.

Solutions installed in the building:

  • 5 connected modular ECY-S1000 ECLYPSE controllers
  • 1 ECLYPSE Wi-Fi adapter
  • 5 HORYZON-C capacitive multi-touch displays with IP connectivity
  • ENVYSION - Web interface for graphic design and visualization


  • System integrator: GTI
  • Installer: AALTECH
  • Developer and owner: CITYDEV 
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