Arthur Boyd Art Gallery - Bundanon, NSW, Australia

Bundanon is a 12,000-acre rural estate located on the banks of the Shoalhaven River in Riversdale. It was gifted to Australia by the artist Arthur Boyd. It reopened in early 2022 following a $33 million redevelopment, including a bushfire-resistant subterranean art gallery, learning center, and accommodation.

Why Distech Controls technology?

ControlWorks installed the building's heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) Building Management Control System (BMCS). The state-of-the-art system BMCS uses Distech Controls, N4 Supervisor, and Graphics to closely monitor & control temperature & humidity conditions in each of the Gallery’s critical spaces.

The BMCS is easy to use and allows staff to monitor and manage all aspects of their environment in real time while ensuring maximum energy-saving opportunities.

The advanced technology used in the installation makes the building more efficient and environmentally friendly. It uses the natural temperature difference between the ground and the air to help regulate the temperature inside the building. This helps keep the building cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter months, which helps reduce energy usage.

The installed system utilizes ground source water to cool the heat pumps rather than cooling towers to save energy and water. The system is also designed to automatically switch off when the outside temperature drops below the set point, which helps to reduce energy usage further.

The intelligent system will automatically issue an alert when there is an issue or malfunction throughout the building’s heating or cooling process ensuring that problems can be addressed efficiently.

A specialized Distech Controls N4 BMCS system was installed to control the conditions in the art gallery that displays a $43 million art collection. The system maintains the perfect environment to protect the artwork from damage that may be caused by fluctuations in temperature, and humidity.

The Distech Controls N4 BMCS system offers a wide range of features that allow consistent & precise environmental conditions. It helps reduce energy consumption and operating costs and provides visitors with an optimal experience while ensuring the art collection's long-term preservation.

The system also offers dynamic and historical trend logging, which provides easy and quick access to information about issues that may arise. This ability to monitor trends in HVAC systems is essential for the efficient diagnosis of any HVAC issues. The installed system utilizes dynamic trend logging to ensure all data is available when needed. This means there are no gaps or misunderstandings during a maintenance inspection and ensures the system can continue to run as optimally as possible.

Solutions installed in the building:

  • 07CBL-ECLYPSE6HD1590 1
  • CDIY-303-SI-01  2
  • CDIY-8UI-00 1
  • CDIY-8UI6DOT-00  3
  • CDIY-PS24-00  1
  • CDIY-S1000-00  1
  • EC-Net4 server software license 1


  • Owner: Bundanon Trust
  • System Integrator: ControlWorks
  • Design Engineer: Steensen Varming
  • Architect: Kerstin Thompson Architects
  • Builder: ADCO Constructions
  • Mechanical Contractor:  Climax Air Conditioning
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