Geographic Information Service, Inc. (GISinc) Employing Atrius™ IoT Platform

January 2, 2018

Geographic Information Services, Inc. (GISinc) is employing the Atrius™ Internet of Things (IoT) platform from Acuity Brands to extend the power of its own Geospatial IoT (GeoIoT™) solutions. This technology partnership provides the market with turnkey, end-to-end GeoIoT solutions by bringing together the enterprise industry expertise of both companies to service a rapidly growing and connected market.

The GeoIoT Platform™ combines the infinite capabilities of the Internet of Things (IoT) with GISinc’s unmatched Geographic Information Systems (GIS) expertise to provide a full suite of GeoIoT solutions. IoT adoption is rapidly expanding as organizations recognize the need for connectivity and the potential transformation of their operations.

As a GeoIoT integrator, GISinc minimizes the risk and learning curve of integrating solution components such as sensors, devices, platforms, data, back-end systems and analytics. The Company helps architect and build end-user applications that take full advantage of IoT technology to improve an organization’s core business.

“As the premier services company for indoor positioning, GISinc is very excited to be a part of the Atrius partner ecosystem,” said Brad Epker, Chief Revenue Officer, GISinc. “We believe that Acuity Brands’ focus on connected, smart lighting networks will go a long way in providing advanced building solutions in markets like public spaces, retail and healthcare.” Read More

GIS, Inc.

Atrius Platform Services Leveraged : Atrius Navigator - Indoor Positioning Services and Atrius Insights - Spatial Analytics Services

Markets served: Public Spaces, Retail, Healthcare




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