Four Tips to Increase Your Local Business Sales

October 3, 2017

You’re probably using a tool like Google Analytics to track visitors to your website. But did you know there are indoor spatial analytics to measure people passing by and entering your business or store?

These location-based analytics allow you to visualize how many people entering your building are first-timers, repeat customers, and how long they are staying. Having this knowledge at your fingertips, can give you the insight you need to increase your sales. Here are 4 ways to use analytics to help you do just that.

#1 - Identify your peak traffic hours

Using indoor analytics to measure your peak traffic hours can give you the insight needed to plan your in-store events. Would you rather have a trunk show during your slow hours, or your peak traffic hours? What about that DIY workshop you’ve been thinking of hosting for customers? Wouldn’t these events be more fun and engaging during peak traffic hours? Knowing when to host events that can boost your sales, and create even better relationships with your customers, is a great way to keep your bottom line growing.

#2 - Adjust your staffing needs

When your store is understaffed during peak traffic hours, the situation can create a poor customer experience and lead to missed opportunities for sales. It’s important to know how much traffic you’re getting inside your building during certain times of the day so you have the coverage you need to be available to your customers. Increase sales and boost customer experience by adjusting your staffing needs during peak traffic hours.

#3 - Maximize the value of repeat customers

Have you noticed many of your loyal customers coming around lately? How frequently are they entering your store? One day? One week? Knowing how often they are visiting can help you formulate a strategy to maximize the value of your frequent visitors. You’ll have the knowledge you need to better implement customer loyalty programs and adjust featured items to improve appeal to your repeat customers.

#4 - Draw customers inside your doors

Do you know what percentage of people passing by your front doors step into your shop? When you have a way of measuring traffic conversions, you can begin to experiment with signage and outdoor displays which draw customers inside your shop. Boosting your outdoor curb appeal can drive traffic, which drives sales in the end. Having the analytics to give you insight into what works is a great way to ensure you’re on the right path to generating more revenue for your local business.

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