Atrius Assets

Launch date: November 15, 2018

Atrius Assets is a cloud-based software service that includes APIs, administration and visualization interfaces to deliver real-time indoor asset tracking and management, by leveraging the Atrius™-Ready Sensory Network and Bluetooth® Low Energy technology communication.


  • Accurate location, pathing and alert monitoring of items, equipment and personnel, directly from a web browser or via integration with business applications.
  • Thorough understanding of assets’ real-time location and movement trends, to optimize workflows, enhance on-demand and dispatch services, redesign space layouts, implement safety or theft prevention initiatives, and improve equipment utilization and maintenance.
  • Simplified configuration of applications with Atrius Admin, web-based administration tool: set beacon attributes, categorize and group assets, define zones, manage multi-site requirements and user roles, maintain venue layouts and more.
  • Overlay live data onto your venue layout, to locate assets, analyze movement paths and monitor asset telemetry information, via Atrius LiveView, real-time viewer.
  • Deepen spatial and behavioral analysis by aggregating information from Atrius Assets and Atrius Navigator (indoor positioning SDK) within Atrius Insights, web-based spatial analytics dashboard; achieving a level of business responsiveness that redefines visitor experiences.

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