Fluorescent and HID Discontinuation

April 24, 2023

Acuity Brands to Discontinue the Manufacture of Conventional Fluorescent and

HID Luminaires by December 31, 2023

Committed to reaching Net Zero carbon emissions by 2040, Acuity Brands is leveraging newer technologies aimed at addressing mega trends. These trends include the global efforts to mitigate climate change and rapid technology transformation to support electrification.

In fiscal 2022, Acuity Brands announced our ambition to achieve Net Zero carbon emissions by 2040. Our strategic focus is to drive new product vitality, elevate customer service, and lead the industry’s technology transformation.

The next step is to fully transform our leading product portfolio to LED technology.  As one critical part of this effort, we will discontinue the manufacture of all fluorescent and HID luminaires that remain in our portfolio by December 31, 2023 (or sooner as product and component inventories deplete)

This decision has the potential to eliminate more than one million metric tons of carbon emissions, which is the equivalent of the yearly tailpipe emissions of over 200,000 gasoline-powered vehiclesIn addition to the reduced energy usage compared to fluorescent and HID luminaires, LED lighting technology contains no mercury.

Our journey of transitioning from a portfolio fully comprised of fluorescent and HID luminaires to a robust offering of energy-efficient LED luminaires began more than a decade ago. Today, our remaining conventional luminaires represent less than five percent of our sales, a remarkable reduction in a relatively short span of time.  The traditional source technologies of HID and Fluorescent have been eclipsed by LED technology in favor of quality of light, and reduced energy consumption and cost of ownership. Lithonia Lighting® is North America’s leading brand in LED ambient lighting and embedded technology for new construction and renovation.

Please refer to the following Cross-Reference Chart to help determine LED luminaire substitutes for discontinued fluorescent and HID luminaires. Please contact your RVP with any questions.  

As a leading industrial technology company, Acuity Brands continuously explores ways to improve overall efficiency and reduce our impact on the environment while still providing customers with a wide range of industry-leading options. We are continuing to take actions that have a meaningful impact on reducing both our own and our customers’ carbon footprints.

Best Regards,

 George McIlwraith

Senior Vice President, Commercial Lighting

Acuity Brands Lighting and Controls

*Carbon emissions calculations are estimates based on the lifetime emissions of the fluorescent and HID luminaires sold by Acuity Brands in fiscal year 2022 compared to their LED luminaire alternatives using industry standards for operating hours, fixture lifetime, and other relevant emission factors.

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