See how the IOTA® ETS DR eliminates the need for dual ALCR devices!

IOTA Contractor Emergency Lighting Insider featuring ETS DRALCRs are popular solutions for eliminating wasteful, power-consuming ALWAYS ON fixtures that allow auxiliary generators or inverters to bypass local control positions and operate fixtures during an emergency. However, occupants who wish to enjoy the advantages ​of dimming their normal lighting are typically out of luck unless particular accommodations have been made for the 0-10V control. These dimming applications often required the use of two ALCR devices - one to bypass the ON/OFF switch of the fixture and another to bypass the control introducing the 0-10V dimming signal.

The ETS DR changed that by including an internal dimming relay ("DR") that allows the use of a single ACLR solution for the fixture. Learn more about how the ETS DR simplifies ALCR installation in our latest Contractor Emergency Lighting Insider here!

For more information on this or other IOTA ALCR solutions, visit or call us at 1-800-866-4682.

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